Friday, May 28, 2010

An Overview to GYS 2010 : Part 3.

Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development

Imagine having to wear masks all the time because the air is too polluted.

Or what about having to wear protective outfits because the atmosphere is full of toxic.

Or even living in a surrounding full of rubbish with no trees or flowers in sight.

This issue has always been a hot one because of the importance of the environment to us humans.

Do you know that there has been a 35% increase in the global carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels since the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1992.(from Environmental Action Defence Fund)

Every 20 minutes the world adds another 3500 human lives but loses 1 or more entire species of animal or plant lives – at least 27 000 species per year.(from PBS)

These are all but a few of the statistics regarding to the deterioration of our environment. A new term – sustainable development – has been coined as a solution to this issue.

Basically, it means that development is being carried out to meet human needs without compromising the environment for the sake of our future generations.

Do you want your child to know how a lion looks like by showing them the picture book?

Do you want your grandchild to live indoors?

Let’s not let our future generation suffer from our inaction.

Stand up now and be counted.

Join us GYS and together we can make a difference.

Cheers, JY

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Overview to GYS 2010 : Part 2.

Well, the second topic for GYS will be World Peace and Violence Against Children.

VIOLENCE...a word that may brings to your mind a gruesome scene of an angry person hitting an innocent individual.

Or it may give you an image of a woman crying helplessly after being raped by an unknown man.
What if it brings you to a scene where a little kid is sitting at the corner of a room sobbing quietly after being beaten and scolded by his drunk father???
Violence against children is an issue that has been discussed since a long time ago and continuous efforts have been done to help free these children from this kind of suffering. Various campaigns have been done globally but cases regarding violence against children still happen until today.

Do you know that violence and neglect against children is reported - on average of every 10 seconds?
Because of there are many cases of child violence and neglect that go unreported, it is estimated that the actual number of child victims is 3 times greater.
Even in the USA, children are more apt to die from violence and neglect than from accidents.
Child violence permanently disables 18,000 children and youth every year and seriously injures 565,000 children every year.

So, what we can do? Are we just going to close our eyes and keep our arms folded?

Definitely not!!! We should join hand in hand in the name of GYS to bring back colours to the life of these little ones...


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Overview to GYS 2010 : part 1.

Hi guys,

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, Global Youth Symposium 2010 will place the limelight on 3 global issues.

The first one is…

Global Economy & Global Poverty

Imagine this…

While you are wondering what’s for dinner …


Fried chicken?

Something delicious?

….There are people out there who will have to sleep through the night with an empty stomach.

While you are complaining about having to go to school….

….There are people out there who can’t afford to go to school even if they really want to go to

This is an issue that has existed for a long time but sadly, these saddening facts still come exist..

* Almost half the world population live on less than $2.50 a day.

-They can’t even own a pair of proper shoes-

* About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations.

* 640 million children worldwide live without adequate shelter

A huge gap exists between the wealthy and the poor.

A few hundred millionaires now own as much wealth as the world’s poorest 2.5 billion people.

In 2009, according to World Bank, the economic crisis is set to drive 53 million more people into POVERTY

The world map shows the population suffering from hunger, World Food Programme, 2006.

Poverty can lead to many other things such as hunger, illiteracy, diseases and death.

With the advance of technology, wealth, and skills available to us now, maybe we can now finally solve this problem.

So guys, let’s not WAIT.

Do something NOW

Join us now and make a difference to their lives.

Cheers, JY

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Blast Through the Past.

Hello guys,
oh sorry, i forgot to post about something important.. what is GYS?


[this is a copy-paste article with some modifications]

Global Youth Symposium (GYS) was originally a vision of a young, local undergraduate who was studying in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This undergraduate went on to successfully lead the first installation of this project in 2007. This event embraces young people or youths as the focus for the future, thus aiming to accelerate ‘youth empowerment’, by providing a platform for a meeting of young minds around the globe. Its purpose is to challenge youths to come together and discuss issues faced by the world today in an open manner. We can only achieve this aim by setting aside all differences yet recognizing the cultural identity, linguistic diversity and social responsibility as unique in their own respect.

So basically, this is not a "save-the-cheerleader-save-the-world" kinda mission. This is where we, the youth, the future leader, express our thought in order to find the way to curb the issues.
And of course, you don't need to be a superhero (or a cheerleader). We just need you, yourself.


[copy paste... again..]

1. To encourage the meeting of minds of the undergraduates to openly exchange and evaluate viewpoints related to global issues.

2. To promote global co-operation between the participants by celebrating a culture of openmindedness and intellectual discourse.

3. To enhance the level of understanding and respect of different cultures, values, beliefs and religions of the world among the participants.

4. To provide an opportunity for youth to cultivate soft skills be it communication, leadership, management, or networking.

Just to add on something..
Open your Google search engine and type "youth symposium".

See that? We are at the top 2 spot.! Oh ok, it is not like we are trying to brag or something, but we just wanted to show you guys that this symposium is one of the most well-known youth symposium in the world. In other words, this is the best platform for you guys to share your thoughts on how to curb the issues.

Who knows your little voice might change our future?


Get Busy

After the very first meeting, several other meetings were held once a week. Its the only time that we had as all of us came from different faculties, which also means different time schedule.

Something caught Ahmed's (far right, our Deputy Director 2) attention. Whatever that was, it better be good =P

And if you guys realize (pictures do tell a thousand words, don't they?), our committee members are of a diverse racial and cultural background. For instance, Ahmed is a Somali. Zuraiha (Deputy Director 1) is a Malay, Mathew is a Bidayuh and Christine, the ex-officio, is a Chinese. This shows that despite of our differences, we have come together in order to achieve the aim of promoting student activism with respect to the pressing global issues in our world today. Even before the "global" thingy starts, we already have a "global" team here in UM. Well, sort of..~

Ain Atikah - Secretariat and External Affairs~

Having ice cream with a wonderful woman-what more can you ask for?

Glued to their seats.. because i told them that i will post their pics in the blog. -__-"

Anyways, that is all I can tell for now, as I have another meeting to attend. Meetings can be so demanding at times... (actually i did not attend a few meetings). sigh.


Monday, May 24, 2010

The Ride Has Begun

As they said, everything has a beginning.
The Global Youth Symposium 2010 (GYS 2010) Committee found their humble beginning when the first meeting was held a few months ago at Bilik Mesyuarat Perdana 3, Kompleks Perdana Siswa, Universiti Malaya.

The previous committee members (GYS 2008) also attended the meeting and gave some advice to the newly appointed committee.

everyone's favourite, Christine =) - Ex oficio of GYS 2010~

Affendy and Felicita~ (gotta love the red phone=P)

On that very meeting, the current board of committee was appointed by the previous GYS 2008 committee. It was a joyful affair as the committee members, both previous and new, mingled with one another in kinship.

The new Director - Mathew~

the new committee~

Not many task were assigned on that week (that's a relief), so I guess that's all for now. : )


Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Poster.

Hello guys,
so this is the unofficial poster for this year Global Youth Symposium.
Currently we are having a working camp in University of Malaya.
If there's any changes, we will post it a.s.a.p.