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TERIMA KASIH! (thank you in bahasa malaysia)

It's been a wonderful journey. No amount of thank you s can i ever say to everyone who were involved in Global Youth Symposium 2008; committee members, participants, panelists, sponsors and our advisers. Although the OC went through lots throughout the 5 months of preparation, we are indeed still in a daze that GYS 08 has ended this quickly.

As we were cleaning up the secretariat and shifting things back to the old one on Sunday(24.08.08), we started recalling those dark days when we almost wanted to give up on things and we were amazed that we pulled it through. We were overjoyed when participants told us that we did a good job but we cannot thank the participants more for having so much faith in us. It was definitely a booster to call for an AGM to put together the new Board of Director of GYS 09 soon.

Just barely a month to the symposium, I almost gave up. Things were not looking good and there were people out there who told us that we will not be able to do it. Being silly, my feelings and thoughts were influenced by them. I wanted to give up. I was exhausted, juggling between work and GYS, I needed a rest, and walking away seemed to be the only way possible. It took me 2 days to realise that I cannot possibly walk away and leave the planning hanging in there. One night, when I was driving alone and was deep in thoughts, suddenly, faces of my committee members started flashing across my mind. They have worked so hard and some were very excited about the symposium. I could not possibly cancel it and leave the project.I could not possibly disappoint them. I had a talk with my advisor, Yung Tat and he gave me lots of support. Not to forget, Choi, director of GYS 07, who was also there to lend me a hand. Hence, I owe all my committee members, especially the Central Committee, a BIG one, for being my rock to continue on the journey till the very end.

To all participants, each one of u made our day! We were anticipating your presence to be with us right from the very beginning. I hope that all of you benefited in one way or another from this project and no worries, the contact list, and the declaration will be up soon. We should all keep in touch via facebook and I hope you can help us spread news about GYS! Be here next year! I personally have made quite a number of good friends within that 5 day agenda! and i think that facebook is one of the ways for us to keep our friendship. It was definitely a relief to hear that almost everyone had a good time here with us. We, the OC, though tired, we had a great time too!

Dear friends of GYS o8, could you also please fill up an evaluation form which will be sending to you soon? Do us this favour please as we need your feedback to show our Vice-Chancellor because we want to 'fight' for the independence of GYS from the students' council of UM. So, please do help us. Thanks! ;) TWO CLAPS FOR EVERYONE ;)

On behalf of the GYS 08 OC, I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for any wrongdoings throughout the symposium. Thousand apologies!

Dont wanna be a grandma, so here once more, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Am missing all of you very much already:)

Christine Chai