Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Activity.

Tomorrow will be the opening day of the GYS 2010.
Just so you know, there will be a lot of activities waiting for those who join our program.
And here, we like to show you guys on what have we planned for you.

Have you guys ever heard of flash mob?
Well, last Sunday, our team went to Bukit Bintang, KL, and organised a "pre-flash mob".
As you all know, in order to organise something for you guys, we also need to experience it all by ourselves.

We are the super team.

we stood for nearly 30 minutes.. like this.

Do you have what it takes to be the GYS's next top model?

Like seriously.

we shall watch and see!

20th of December 2010.
0830 - 1230 in front of Maybank and Pavillion.
Please wear WHITE!
For any inquiries, you can contact Norhafizah at 0125506673

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


hi everyone.!

just want to make an announcement.

for your information, the registration for GYS 2010 is officially closed.

Thank you to those who will be participating in the upcoming GYS 2010.
Meet you guys on the 16th ok!

For right now, we are in the process of adding the last touch to our symposium.

The GYS will start on the 16th of December 2010 until the 20th of December 2010 at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

So.. i guess that's all for now.

Thank u!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Something to watch.

hello people!

just want to share with u you guys about this interesting video.
its about global warming.
Weng Yee finds it very interesting, so, i lets watch it.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Hey there guys!

Sorry for the lame title, but i thought that i should come up with something that is relatively straight to the point but at the same time, rather important - as we are merely one month away from GYS'10!

As of now, we have heaps of participants already confirming their participation in the GYS'10! For those who aren't registered yet, what are you waiting for??

This also means that the Organising Committee is working around the clock to ensure that everything is set for the D-Day. Therefore, here's some important information regarding the fees for our aspiring and would-be participants out there!

The registration fee for participants outside Malaysia would be USD 150 (excluding flight tickets & travelling costs). The fee for participants within Malaysia would be MYR 200 (with accomodation) & MYR 150 (without accommodation) respectively.

For further information, you guys can download the documents at your right hand side. Or, you can always contact us at gysum2010@gmail.com. If you want a personal touch in terms of assistance (I hope I did not put it wrong there :P) you can always email Miss Ain Atikah Ali at moltxx@yahoo.com or our dedicated Director at mattaquinas@gmail.com.

Looking forward to see you guys!

Signing off,

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Recent News: Environment.

Turning GARBAGE into MONEY

Few weeks ago, I became a volunteer for an environmental film event, namely Eco Film Fest 2010 in UM. The event was mainly about screening environmental films for the public for free in order to raise their awareness about the importance of conserving the environment. Well, other than helping out here and there, I actually managed to watch a few films. However, there’s this one film that gave me a large impact…GARBAGE DREAMS…

Do watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of what the film is about…


Have you ever imagined that there are actually people in this world who rely on garbage to support their life???

Have you ever think about living in a garbage village???

Well, this is what happened to 60000 Zaballeen (Arabic for “garbage people”) that live in the world’s largest garbage village situated on the outskirts of Cairo. They survive by recycling 80% of the garbage they collect, creating what is arguably the world’s most efficient waste disposal system.

Do you know that garbage contributes to global warming??? Without recycling, garbage mixed with organic waste and green waste deposited at landfills can cause the emission of methane, contributing to global warming. A molecule of methane produces more than 20 times the warming of a molecule of carbon dioxide. When you consider its effects within a single decade, methane is 100 times as powerful as carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas!

So what are you waiting for??? All you have to do is to separate your household waste into organic waste and recyclable waste. Try to do composting with your organic waste and send your recyclable waste to recycling centre. Help reduce the amount of waste deposited in landfills. Together we can make the Earth a cooler planet… =)


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey there guys!

Hope that everyone's fine =)

Newsflash: GYS 2010 is just around the corner!!

SO far we are receiving tons and heaps of encouraging response from our friends from all over the world. Do not miss out guys, take this opportunity to voice out and make your concerns heard! We are more than happy and honoured to have you guys over in Malaysia!

As this post title reads, we are currently going on a series of a promotional drive to publicise GYS 2010 - as one of the means to raise awareness on the global issues affecting our world today!

Guys, this is the montage concerning the issues relevant to this year's installation of the GYS. Please watch the montage, and we do hope that YOU can STAND UP, for the ones much less fortunate than us.

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recent News: Poverty.

Around the world, there are millions and millions people living without access even to the most basic necessities such as clean water, food and shelter. Poverty leads to the deprivation of many of the necessities that will affect a person’s quality of life. The picture below shows an example of how people are living in poverty.


Therefore, many actions are taken by various organizations and countries to eradicate poverty. I would like to pinpoint one of the goals stated in the Millenium Development Goals by UNICEF. The goal that I would like to highlight is the goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger which can be found here: http://www.unicef.org/mdg/poverty.html.

The article state that reducing poverty should and must begin with children. I would like to highlight a paragraph from the article.

One than 1 billion children are severely deprived of at least one of the essential goods and services they require to survive, grow and develop. Some regions of the world have more dire situations than others, but even within one country there can be broad disparities – between city and rural children, for example, or between boys and girls. An influx or tourism in one area may improve a country’s poverty statistics overall, while the majority remains poor and disenfranchised.”

Poverty will deprive children from experiencing a good childhood which will greatly affect their livelihood and future. Poverty takes away their rights to basic education, food, shelter and healthcare that will hinder them from achieving their full potential.

In short, UNICEF has done a lot in its efforts to eradicate poverty according to the article. To solve the lack of health care that children receive, UNICEF purchases and distributes vaccines to children in developing countries. More schools are also being built to cater to them. However, more can still be done to eradicate poverty. There are still many people living in poverty and not all of them had received help in improving their conditions.

This is where youths can help out. We are the agents of change. We should reach out and lend a helping hand to those who are in need of help.

I will now end with a quote by the President of the United States, Barack Obama:

"...the United States is leading an effort to reach out to people around the world who are suffering, to provide them immediate assistance and to extend support for food security that will help them lift themselves out of poverty. All of us must join together in this effort, not just because it is right, but because by providing assistance to those countries most in need, we will provide new markets, we will drive the growth of the future that lifts all of us up..."

— President Barack Obama.

-Jia Yiing-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recent news : Child Abuse.

Something that really scares me.

Does humanity still exist in our society?
I ask myself repeatedly. As I flip through the newspaper ,cases of child abuse are all over the pages.
To my disbelief, the victims can be as young as three years old.
I ask again, ”These children are supposed to be our precious jewel aren’t they?”
So, why in the world they are being treated this way? No one really knows. Though most people will not believe that parents can abuse their own children, it is a problem that is faced by many young children irrespective to class, race, gender and country. This social defect leads abused child to grow up having personality disorder. Their future altogether turns to be a rough road.

What can be worst? Take a look at this article. [http://www.koat.com/r/24850075/detail.html ].It reads a child was found covered in dried feces. I was speechless when I come across with this article. I am sure all of us would be mad at this mother who did such an inhuman act to her own blood and flesh.

However, what is more important now is not to condemn the child’s parents. We should stop the blame game. I truly believe together we can make a difference in preventing child abuse. Please don’t let them be hurt. Keep them safe. Stop child abuse if you care.


Monday, September 06, 2010

Latest Updates.

Its been ages since we last updated the blog.
Sorry for the inconvenience but today, we would like to officially invite all of you to join the 2010 Global Youth Symposium.!

1. Welcome people!

Below is the informal invitation letter. (if there's any typo error, it is not my fault!)
Anyway, the formal version has been sent to respective universities / institutions.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, are honoured to invite students from your university to be a part of this year's Global Youth Symposium which is to be held in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur from the 16th to the 20th of December 2010.

The symposium is an annual conference designed to bring together youths (undergraduates) from around the globe with different ideological, religious and cultural background to openly and professionally discuss global issues pertaining to the world. It also aims to foster networks among participants especially at the international level.

This symposium is organized with the purpose of challenging youth to come together and to deal with issues faced by the world today in this era of globalisation, setting aside their differences and work towards a common goal. Recognition and acknowledgment of cultural identities, linguistic diversity and each others' social responsibilities will also be promoted.

Youth are the focus for the future and therefore we believe this event can accelerate 'youth empowerment' while at the same time discouraging 'youth apathy'.

It is hoped that in the long run, the resolution resulting from this event will assist the participants to prepare themselves in facing the
challenges ahead as potential world leaders. Through this symposium, it is hope that practical road maps and plans can be produced and implemented.

We hope to host participants from your university this year. I have attached a poster, the formal invitation letter, the participant entry forms and the participant proposal for your perusal. We hope to receive a response from you soon with regards to your interest in this event in order for us to make further arrangements.
For your own convenience, please do visit us at our own blogspot www.gysmalaysia.blogspot.com as it is a place where you can get a preview on what we have so far.

Thank you for your kind attention. Hope to hear from you soon. We look forward to having students from your university at this year's conference.

Thanks again!

"Empowering Youth - Meeting Global Challenges"

Best Regards,
Ain Atikah Ali
Secretariat & External Affairs
+6012 - 2776710

done with reading?

2. The Official Poster.!

take a look at it please.
: )

Click to enlarge!

3. Forms etc.!

Check out at the top-right of the widgets column.

There's a "Click Here!" section where it contains the GYS proposal, invitation letter, participant form, and also the reply form. Just click on the link.

If you need any assistance, fell free to ask any help from us.

That's all for now.


Friday, July 02, 2010

Official Promo!!

Hi guys! Sorry for being off the radar for a while. Like I said in the previous post, we are still in the phase of processing, updating the forms and documents and sending out invitations to your respective universities so that you guys can be a part of the GYS 2010! So, we hope that you guys could bear with us for a while =).

Anyway, here's the very first of our promotional post on the issues that we will feature on the GYS 2010. Our publicity team is currently working hard in filming commercials, designing posters and whatnot, for the sake of gaining exposure for the GYS 2010!

This is a simple video that will give you a brief an insight of the global issues that we are focusing on.

And this is the first promo poster for GYS 2010. There will be more to come, so just wait and see!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Around The Corner!

Hi guys!
Haven't posted anything for a long time. Hope everyone's in the pink of health. There are a few announcement to make actually.

The official date for this year Global Youth Symposium is 16th - 20th of December 2010.
So be prepared guys. GYS is just around the corner!

Next, we are currently in the phase of processing and updating all the forms and documents.
That is why we can't give you guys much details about GYS 2010 at the meantime.
What we would to like to say is that please be patient for a while as we will post any changes or latest infos in this blog and also in our facebook page.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for showing your interests towards GYS!


Friday, June 11, 2010

the camp parte dos


It is the time to keep the ball rolling=)!

The publicity team, as usual, update the facebook group and blog. some of the team members finalized the design for the advertisements and name cards.
Mr. Director, went round and round checking every team just to make sure that all of us did our jobs. You guys seriously had no idea how we got panic everytime we saw him striding towards us!

Realizing that people were getting stressed from day to day, he suggested that all of us should go out for a movie on that day. Love it!

Zuraiha did the booking and at 9.00pm, we happily sat in the cinema, watching Shrek 3. Love it double!

U need energy before you watch Shrek. location: Pizza Hut, Mid Valley Megamall.

After the movie: everybody seems happy right? yup.. just wait untill tomorrow.. haha.

If you read Martha Stewart's Blog, she did mention that Malaysians eat every two hours. Being real Malaysians, we went off to Bangsar, to find a place where we can eat and chat. At 12am. -_-''

It's hard to keep in shape if you live in Malaysia. Just ask Zuraiha. I think she gained more than 5kg that night. haha.


Today is Orange Day! Back to reality, facing the same people and same place again, burying our faces in the sand dunes of tasks.

the Operation Room for GYS. Chuck(in white), the Head of Tours and Logistics looks kinda busy.

compare the above with this one....

caught them chit chatting! when we came closer, they acted like they we doing GYS stuff!


Thank God its Friday! (not T.G.I. Friday's ok!) It was the last day for the GYS working camp! Everyone seems excited to finish their job for the week. So on the last day, Christine, our lovable ex-officio came to see our progress and gave us a healthy dose of motivation.

Talking about hyperactivity! I wonder where did she get all that energy?

is this a rocking camp?

Look at the eye bag. He needs a vitamin c injection!

As the working camp came to an end, we realised that we need to cultivate the spirit of togetherness and cooperation for the sake of making GYS 2010 a reality. Yes, the seas may not always be calm and the ship may not always sail smoothly, as we brave through the rough seas and tribulations ahead. Nevertheless, it came upon us that we should put our differences aside and work hand-in-hand to show that we, today's youth, are capable of making our efforts noticed and our voices heard with respect to the pressing issues in today's global community. To sum things up, we, the Organising Committee of GYS 2010 hold on to the positive hope that this spirit of togetherness and kinship will sustain among ourselves. Hopefully, this spirit of togetherness may emanate to the aspiring participants and everyone involved, in making our concerns and voices heard to show to rest of the world that we, the youth of today's generation, CARE.!!!!



Saturday, June 05, 2010

the camp parte uno

It is semester break here in University of Malaya (UM).

Students get a chance to go home and rest in peace. Not literally “rest-in-peace” (read: DEAD). What I mean is that, they can go for a holiday, or even just stay at home and sleep happily.

As for myself, I had plans to go to Langkawi; a beautiful tropical + DUTY FREE island located at the northern peninsula of Malaysia. Everything seems to be well. That is UNTIL I got a message saying that we, the Global Youth Symposium Committee, will have to attend a 7 day working camp in UM! Sigh. There goes my holidays. I owe you one, Mr Director=(.

Anyway, as a “professional” committee member, my fellow friends and I had to sacrifice our precious time just for the sake of the GYS.

The camp starts from 23rd of May 2010 until 29th of June 2010. The first day was a team building camp. The purpose behind the working camp was to incorporate the spirit of togetherness and friendship within the committee members, so as to ensure that we are able to gel with each other towards making the Global Youth Symposium 2010 a successful reality.

Christine and Feli.

This is.. erm.. -__-"

"America's-Next-Top-Model-ish" kind of photo. Tyra Banks at the back. LOL! (ampun Feli!!)


They say that Monday is the most hated day of the week. Well, that is not exactly the case for our GYS team, as we look forward to kick start our working camp with a smile on our faces and a leap in our steps=).

What we had for the working camp was, everyone in the committee had to dress according to the daily theme. To make things more exciting, Monday was Pink day (thanks to our Deputy Director I, Zuraiha), so everyone at least had to wear something pink. (not exactly “in-the-PINK-of-health”!)

The Publicity and Media team. luckily all were in the pink of health.

Basically, each bureau would have to do their respective tasks as per our tight schedule. For example, the Publicity and Media team are to edit the name cards, update the Facebook group and also the blog. The Food and Accommodation Bureau needed to find the suitable caterer for GYS and the Sponsorship Bureau were required to submit the proposals to companies.


Day Two of the working camp.The Tour and Logistics team did some research on places of interest for GYS. I hope they choose Langkawi (crossing fingers). The Secretariat and External Affairs aka SEX (think positive!) prepared the rules of conduct for the participants .

Caught them gossiping about something.. When we entered the room, they pretended to do their job. haha.

We are not machines. Yup, as you could see, we dedicated our mind, body and soul towards GYS (ahh.. so cliche). We even spent our nightlife doing some stuff for GYS. But for that night, we held a surprise party for the Head of Food and Accommodation team, Jiha. Happy Birthday girl!

The victim, Jiha. You look old btw. haha.

La familia del GYS.

I think it is better for me to stop until Tuesday. I'll give you guys time to digest this post first, then I will present you guys the next post ok. adios amigos.!