Friday, July 02, 2010

Official Promo!!

Hi guys! Sorry for being off the radar for a while. Like I said in the previous post, we are still in the phase of processing, updating the forms and documents and sending out invitations to your respective universities so that you guys can be a part of the GYS 2010! So, we hope that you guys could bear with us for a while =).

Anyway, here's the very first of our promotional post on the issues that we will feature on the GYS 2010. Our publicity team is currently working hard in filming commercials, designing posters and whatnot, for the sake of gaining exposure for the GYS 2010!

This is a simple video that will give you a brief an insight of the global issues that we are focusing on.

And this is the first promo poster for GYS 2010. There will be more to come, so just wait and see!