Monday, September 06, 2010

Latest Updates.

Its been ages since we last updated the blog.
Sorry for the inconvenience but today, we would like to officially invite all of you to join the 2010 Global Youth Symposium.!

1. Welcome people!

Below is the informal invitation letter. (if there's any typo error, it is not my fault!)
Anyway, the formal version has been sent to respective universities / institutions.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, are honoured to invite students from your university to be a part of this year's Global Youth Symposium which is to be held in the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur from the 16th to the 20th of December 2010.

The symposium is an annual conference designed to bring together youths (undergraduates) from around the globe with different ideological, religious and cultural background to openly and professionally discuss global issues pertaining to the world. It also aims to foster networks among participants especially at the international level.

This symposium is organized with the purpose of challenging youth to come together and to deal with issues faced by the world today in this era of globalisation, setting aside their differences and work towards a common goal. Recognition and acknowledgment of cultural identities, linguistic diversity and each others' social responsibilities will also be promoted.

Youth are the focus for the future and therefore we believe this event can accelerate 'youth empowerment' while at the same time discouraging 'youth apathy'.

It is hoped that in the long run, the resolution resulting from this event will assist the participants to prepare themselves in facing the
challenges ahead as potential world leaders. Through this symposium, it is hope that practical road maps and plans can be produced and implemented.

We hope to host participants from your university this year. I have attached a poster, the formal invitation letter, the participant entry forms and the participant proposal for your perusal. We hope to receive a response from you soon with regards to your interest in this event in order for us to make further arrangements.
For your own convenience, please do visit us at our own blogspot as it is a place where you can get a preview on what we have so far.

Thank you for your kind attention. Hope to hear from you soon. We look forward to having students from your university at this year's conference.

Thanks again!

"Empowering Youth - Meeting Global Challenges"

Best Regards,
Ain Atikah Ali
Secretariat & External Affairs
+6012 - 2776710

done with reading?

2. The Official Poster.!

take a look at it please.
: )

Click to enlarge!

3. Forms etc.!

Check out at the top-right of the widgets column.

There's a "Click Here!" section where it contains the GYS proposal, invitation letter, participant form, and also the reply form. Just click on the link.

If you need any assistance, fell free to ask any help from us.

That's all for now.