Saturday, November 01, 2008

Passing the Torch

Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago, GYS had their 3rd AGM and the new board has been formed. I am personally very happy to pass on the torch to Chuah Sim Mei, the new director of GYS 09.
I know that she'll do a good job leading the team.
She has the same surname as Choi Kian You(Dir 07) and me..ahaha..the chai legacy rules!

It s been a really good experience leading such a big project, one that i ll never forget. Here, i d like to thank everyone, especially to my Deputy I, Firdaus Husni for being my rock. She s now the Ex-Officio for GYS 09 and i m glad she ll be there to overlook the whole project.

Although I m no longer the director, GYS will always be close to my heart. It s a growing baby and I d like to see it grow steadily and maturedly as time goes by.

To the OC of GYS 09, all the best to u! Make me proud yeah! will see u guys soon!

From the Old hag of 08,
Christine Chai i can say this...